SELFMADE SERIES – A series of guidebooks born from the rich experiences of the author as a fortune-teller and numerous conversations with individuals who achieved success using unconventional methods. Each book in the series sheds new light on areas of our lives that can aid in personal and financial growth.


„Art as an Effective Tool for Developing Financial Intelligence” – Discover the unexpected connection between the world of art and finance. This book illustrates that art is not only a source of inspiration for artists but can also be the key to understanding and enhancing our financial intelligence.





„Sex as a Tool for Developing and Strengthening Financial Intelligence” – Open your mind to the non-obvious link between the sexual and financial realms. The author shows us how our sexuality impacts our financial decisions and how we can leverage this knowledge to boost our financial intelligence.





„Alternative Methods of Creation a Personal Branding” – Dive into the captivating world of extrasensory perception and uncover its potential influence on your personal brand. This book is not just a compilation of techniques and theories, but foremost a practical approach to brand-building that will help you avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls.


Take the initiative to explore the potential nestled within these areas that could pave your path to success. Each of these books will provide you with innovative ideas and practical tools for development in various life domains.

The books are free of charge, to download click on the cover photo. If you find the content valuable, support the „Poor Man” preferably near the Church. Buy him something or give whatever you can afford. We’ll be even.

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